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Here at Nurture, we believe that our bodies are a beautiful place – home to our heart, our mind and our soul.

They deserve to be cared for, nurtured and loved. Yoga is a way to settle into our bodies through stillness of mind. By connecting mind, body and breath, our aim is to guide you towards a state of acceptance, a love for your own body and a comfort in your own skin.

An exploration of your mind and body, we believe that yoga should be accessible for every single person. Our wide range of classes welcome everybody and you are always encouraged to move and feel exactly the way that is right for you, without expectation or judgement. No competition, no ego, just a shared celebration of individuality with kindness and compassion.

Yoga is a quest towards union of mind, body and breath. A movement meditation that allows you to still your mind and look inward. With a shared practice, yoga can also create a community, a union with others and recognition of our connection to one another and all of life.
Welcome to the Nurture CommUNITY, you’re in safe hands!


Sophie: RYT 200 teacher under the Yoga Alliance at Sampoorna, India; 50hr Virtual Vessel training, Reiki practitioner.

I started travelling from a young age and came into contact with people who I was in awe of, their simple, peaceful existence was infatuating. It was inspirational. It brought me down a path, a journey of self discovery and guided me to the wonders of yoga.

Through yoga and free, natural movement, I began to really learn about myself. I learned to love myself, I learned to express myself and all of my emotions, I learned to honour the power within myself and to trust my deepest wisdom. Natural free flowing movement makes me feel alive and free. There is nothing that makes me feel happier than when I am able to share this passion with others.

I believe yoga is an expression of how you’re feeling in an exact moment, a way to let go of your internal dialogue and move your body in a way that feels natural and organic to you. Throughout my classes, my self-practice and my life I champion the idea of individuality, expression, playfulness and beauty in who you are.

Our planet is a sacred and magnificent place, that I feel we as humans have a duty to protect and help whenever we can. By embodying the principles of yoga in my life, I have grown to become incredibly conscious of the impact the human race is having on the planet and how nature has truly sacred healing powers. This is something I reflect in every aspect of my life and now have the privilege of sharing with my beautiful friend Shelagh and through our yoga & therapy centre, Nurture.

To connect more people together through movement, yoga, individuality, nature and the environment is everything to me- It makes me, me. I hope you are able to join me on this wonderful journey.

Shelagh: 500hr British Wheel of Yoga Teacher; 300hr Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Teacher and Panacea Project Trauma Sensitive Yoga Practitioner (Yoga Alliance)

I have practiced yoga in its many forms for close to 20 years but in 2011, I first found the practice that was the catalyst for my exploration of yoga as a mind/body philosophy. A chance encounter with the Sivananda yoga centre in South London opened my mind to the wealth of benefits this ancient practice can have on our physical and mental health.

Since then, I’ve continued to practice regularly with a variety of teachers and completed 3 years of yoga teacher training in 2018. I continue to learn and evolve as a teacher and student, exploring new styles and attending continued professional training. Most recent influences are Bernie Clark and Peter Blackaby as both maintain the traditional teachings of yoga whilst adapting them to a modern context, acknowledging scientific discovery.

For me, yoga is about cultivating balance through movement and stillness–opposite elements of earth and air – and so I focus as much on breathing and meditation practices as on the physical postures that most of us recognise as yoga.

My hatha yoga classes are a careful balance of ancient wisdom and modern science, gentle and explorative with an emphasis on slow, meaningful progression and an opportunity to go deeper. Over time, you will develop strength and flexibility of mind and body and so improve physical and emotional resilience.

I believe that yoga is a way of life, a philosophy that teaches our connection to all things and so my teaching will always have a hint of peaceful activism-gentle encouragement to practice kindness and compassion towards yourself, others and our planet so we can all affect positive change.

You can read how I combine my yoga teaching with my therapeutic role as a McTimoney Chiropractor here

Josie: RYT 200 Vinyasa, Ashtanga teacher under the Yoga Alliance at Sampoorna, India. 60h Yin at Sampoorna.

Yogic living has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. My mother has always been a practitioner of yoga, both on and off the mat, and with all the time I spent listening to mantra chanting on cassette in the car with her, it’s no wonder I’ve been lead to this path too.

I first began practicing in-studio yoga classes around five years ago. I was initially drawn to them as a way to calm my anxiety and the everyday stresses of life. I have been lucky enough to have been taught by some incredible and knowledgeable teachers along my journey and was inspired to undertake my Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 in India.

When I returned home I really began to delve deeper into the teachings of yogic philosophy and breath-work which are a big influence on the classes I teach today. I love how a meditative state can be created in the mind by connecting breath with movement, and how this brings a sense of steadiness and balance to my day.

Yoga for me is about awareness. Becoming aware of my body, breath and mind; becoming aware of nature and my surroundings; then uniting all of these together in my practice. Creating a sense of expansion as I turn inwards to discover my true self and everything that I already am. Yoga has been important on my journey to accepting and appreciating who I am, and releasing the space I was holding for judgement and expectations.

I hope to be a part of your journey and to share this practice with you.

Nicky: Mat Pilates Level 3 Instructor, Trigger Point Pilates TM Instructor, Vegan Nutritionist 

My journey into health and my own personal wellbeing practice began in 2010 after having my daughter Molly.  I had suffered with crippling back pain for many years and, after her birth, post-natal depression hit hard.  Recommendations were made for me to try Pilates and Yoga to encourage me to improve my physical and mental health.  These classes gave me precious time to focus on me. This was something easily forgotten when in the whirlwind of pregnancy, new-borns, work and home life and it created a space in which I began to feel as though I was coming alive again. The power of accepting my own mental health issues gave me my confidence back and the ability to love me as I was and not keep quiet.  My journey began and I qualified as a Pilates instructor in 2014.

I believe everyone should appreciate their body and what it can do. Where there are limitations, such as chronic pain or recurring injuries, it is possible to make simple and gentle shifts towards becoming more mobile and easing aches and pains without the need for any past experience or expensive equipment! I want to enable you to get back some lightness and fluidity to your body which you may feel you have lost.  

Trigger Point and Mat Pilates is a total top-to-toe mind and body practice.  Incorporating traditional Pilates principles along with mindful and gentle focus, we allow our bodies to deeply relax and release unwanted stress and tension while improving mobility, posture and day to day functional movements.  Our mind is focussed on ourselves, offering us that much needed space and time that, due to our busy work, social and family lives, we may struggle to switch off!

When not at work or the studio, I am incredibly passionate about cooking and baking (although I am no Nigella!) and I qualified as a vegan nutritionist in April 2020.  This took my understanding of whole foods and nutrition a stage further to be able to offer advice and guidance to those looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diet.  When not at the studio or cooking, I love nothing more than to grab my crochet project (usually an abundance of hats!) and hook away with a cuppa!

Jay: Reiki Master/Teacher, 200hr Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, 500hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Reflexologist, Tropic Skincare Ambassador

In 2010, when I was 15 years old, I started my own self-healing journey with Traditional Reiki Healing. By the time I was 18, I was already a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher.
Reiki was my first steppingstone into the industry, opening my mind to the possibilities of using
complementary treatments as a therapeutic intervention. I became fascinated with all things
spiritual and began to attend healing groups, meditation classes, courses, fayres and workshops to
absorb as much information as I possibly could.

In 2016 I travelled to India and completed my first 200hr course in Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training.
Once I came back to the UK, I worked with children and families effected by ASD (Autism Spectrum
Disorder), ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and other disabilities. I used Reiki and
Yoga for adults and children to create a safe space for learning, development and remedial
education. During this time, I completed my Complete Mind Therapy course, (Hypnotherapy), to
greater understand how the human mind works and how to help others heal through language,
meditation and mindfulness.

After this, I took a break from teaching yoga and practicing therapies to study at University. I
completed my master’s degree in psychology to complement my existing passions and to further
develop my understanding of the human mind. During this time, I noticed a divide between
mainstream psychology and a large amount of complementary therapies and spirituality. I wanted to
close this gap and help people understand themselves as a whole and encompass all my passions
into one platform. That is when I created The Thoughtful Yogi.

Since then, I have taught Reiki courses and yoga classes around the world and furthered my
professional development by branching out into other styles of yoga, reflexology and skincare.
Earlier this year, I became a Skincare Ambassador for Tropic Skincare and a 500hr Kundalini Yoga
Teacher. Kundalini is one of the traditional forms of yoga which focuses on our energy body as well
as our physical body. The practice involves mantras, postures, meditations, and specific actions
called kriyas. The intention of Kundalini Yoga is to clear our energy, activate and utilise the energy
we all have within us and to become the best self we can be. Tropic Skincare is a vegan, natural and
ethical company that looks after the planet as well as having good products that work with sensitive
skin. The ethos of this company matched that of my own and has helped me to continue to actively
shape the planet that I want to see.

I am currently working towards my Yoga Life Coaching Diploma and EFT Diploma to combine more
therapies and knowledge of ancient practices together in order to help a broader range of people. I
believe that we all have the power to heal ourselves, empower one another and connect to the
spirituality that we feel we have lost.

Janet: 500hr British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

My name is Janet Revans and I trained to be a yoga teacher at the British Wheel of Yoga, graduating in 2018, I have been teaching several classes a week since.

I have always loved yoga, dance and gymnastics, and returning to formal yoga 10 years go made me feel young again, releasing the inner child from decades of feeling repressed and squeezed into the wrong life.

I already teach at the local leisure centres regularly and I have my own class built from scratch nearer to Oldham.

I teach Hatha Yoga, Usong asana, mudras, bandhas and pranayama for maximum effect with minimum effort! I will be teaching an early morning class, Monday’s at 7.00AM, so you will start your week with a zing.