We have a wide variety of workshops for you to enjoy at Nurture.

We are committed to bringing you interesting and nurturing offerings that allow you to delve deeper into the wonders of yoga and meditation. Our wide range of workshops welcome everybody and you are always encouraged to move and feel exactly the way that is right for you, without expectation or judgement. Workshops are a chance to take a step further on your yoga journey, to explore and deepen your experience as they last longer than your usual class and focus closely on specific aspects of yoga practice and philosophy. They are a valuable investment for your own self-care and we look forward to being a part of your journey and sharing them with you.

‘Movement is medicine’ virtual retreat Sunday 27th of September with Sophie

The word ‘movement’ is so profound as it has no implications, no labels, no right or wrong, no can I, can’t I?.
There is this ready sense of freedom that is associated with this word. It is the true exploration of your own body, your own self. To trust that you have the tools within to take the return journey home. A trust in your body that it knows the way.

Movement is medicine is a virtual retreat that invites you to be completely yourself with no restrictions on how you should or shouldn’t move, or how you should or shouldn’t feel.

I invite you to take a healing journey with me where there will be no confinement, no judgment, just a knowledge that everything you feel is valid and you are valid.

A real chance to take an adventure inwards.

Sunday 5th of July 10-12.30am
Investment £20

Suitable for all yogis

 Ode to Autumn, Nature walk & Candlelit Yoga: 04/10/20 

Ode to Autumn: Nature Walk & Candlelit Yoga 
Join Shelagh for a blissful end to your weekend with a beautiful walk at golden hour in the glorious Saddleworth countryside, followed by sweet treats and chai at Nurture and a slow & gentle, nature inspired yoga practice by candlelight!
We will meet at the studio and take a leisurely walk to take in all the beauty of Autumn. There are brambles along the way so with a bit of luck, we can forage for blackberries if the birds don’t get there first!
We’ll amble back to the studio to warm up and relax before settling for a soothing, restful yoga practice to finish.

Sunday 4th of October 4-7pm
Investment Early bird £25 before 27th September or £30 after!

Suitable for everyone, only 8 spaces available to minimise impact and care for the Earth.

10% donation to RSPB Dove Stone via The MindfulWild Project.

 Seasonal Sounding Healing and Yoga Nidra Ceremony: 11/10/20

A sensational Sunday event with guest Sound Healer, Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Circle Holder & Nature’s Rhythm Coach, Orietta. As the season changes tempo from early Autumn towards the darker seasonal cycle, an outer transition is manifesting upon the earth. We are invited to harmonize with the slower dance this offers, and to mark the transition as a personal ceremony of self-honouring and deep rest. 

Orietta will take us on a journey through an inner temple of sound & meditation, intention setting & releasing, sharing & affirmation, energy balancing and sensing. Space is held for us to consider how to bring the outer ceremony of the earth’s transition into our home or life and recognise the harmony of ‘so within so without’. Through being receptive to gentle sound waves, self-honouring meditative words, positive intention and vocal harmonics, we nurture our true alignment with all that is and change from doing to BEing. The session weaves in the seasonal lessons of the forces of creation: earth, water, air, fire, spirit to support our transition to release and self-honouring. 

Session features:


– heavenly sound bath – with quartz crystal chakra balancing bowls, vocal harmonics, wind chimes, Himalayan bowls and other meditative sacred sounds

– releasing yoga nidra – with accompanying instrumentation of shruti box, sansula, soothing chant and sensational percussion

– seated energy sensing meditation

– seasonal intention setting

– collective ‘Earth Oracle’ card insight

– invitation to reflect or journal upon one’s own seasonal ceremony abundance, tempo and release

What to expect at this Sound Bath/Yoga Nidra


Orietta’s sound baths and nidras are gentle and restful with intention to radiate our inner light and essence. We will hear heavenly vocal ‘tones’ that further support the frequency balancing sound waves. The crystal and himalayan bowls offer a hypnotic, angelic and meditative sound for a creative rest. The sounds resonate with our energy centres and might be felt as waves or gentle vibrations that harmonize the system. You will be invited to lie down comfortably using your blankets, pillows etc. The Yoga Nidra practice can support a forgetting of the body and connection with the inner teacher to support a return to one’s heart-centre. You are verbally guided through your body and into a nature based visualisation, accompanied with sound to sink deeply into an embodied and restful state. You’ll be guided to return in a fully grounded and embodied process, feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

What to bring/who is this suitable for?


Please bring your own:

– Yoga mat, or foam/quilted/soft surface to lie upon comfortably (or studio mats may be used)

– Cushion(s) for head support & to sit on

– Pillow underneath knees (if wish)

– Blankets, to cover you whilst lying down (body temperature can drop)

– An eye pillow/soft scarf may be useful to cover your eyes to reduce light

– Wear any comfortable layered clothing to adjust body temperature as required (thick socks/trousers/cardigan/jumper/long sleeves etc)

Suitable/not suitable for:

No experience required in any of the practices, just the ability to lie down quietly & comfortably in the sound & the silence. 

Sound healing – is not recommended for the following people:

1st trimester of pregnancy, epilepsy, metal implants in the body (e.g. pacemaker – although fillings and contraceptive coil are not an issue), recent surgery, cancer patients, serious illness, severe mental conditions (e.g. bi-polar, schizophrenia, severe depression etc), hearing aid wearers (however hearing aids can be removed – so you’re welcome). Please enquire if uncertain.

Sunday 11th of October 2-4pm

Investment £23

 Yoga & woodfire pizza: 18/10/20

Yoga and woodfire pizzas (yes you did hear correctly!!)
Join Sophie for a morning of yoga, meditation, journaling and sharing followed by homemade woodfire pizzas.

A chance to explore the wonders of movement and how it can evoke transformation & acceptance.

A chance for you to connect to the true, raw self through yoga, movement, meditation, journaling & sharing. Followed by the opportunity to connected with other beautiful souls and eat tasty homemade woodfire pizzas. Can you imagine a better day than combining yoga and pizza??


Sunday 18th of October 10-1.30pm
Investment £35 (food included in the price)