COVID-19 UPDATE: As we are currently under Tier 4 restrictions, our available therapies are limited to ensure we are working within government guidelines. At this time, only Chiropractic appointments and Breath Coaching are available. For all therapy appointments, full safety procedures are in place and these are detailed on our booking page. Thank you  

Here at Nurture, we believe in interconnection of mind and body and so take an integrated approach to your health and well-being.

We have carefully chosen a combination of complementary health services and practitioners who always consider your individual needs – acknowledging physical, emotional and spiritual contributors to your health and well-being whilst also minimising impact on our planet.

All of our practitioners are highly trained and regulated complementary health professionals, committed to an evidence based approach to your care. They all engage in personal and professional development to enrich their experience and practice, ensuring their skills are refreshed and updated to always align with evolving knowledge and best available care.

All practitioners will maintain close relations with other medical and allied health professionals, always ensuring clear communication of all your needs so that they are all addressed appropriately.

Enjoy browsing our therapist bios and we look forward to welcoming you to Nurture!


Shelagh Taggart MChiro MMCA BWY Dip
McTimoney Chiropractor; Remedial Massage & 800hr Yoga Teacher

I first discovered McTimoney Chiropractic after injuring my back in an accident in my late teens. Despite exploring various treatments, nothing provided relief for long but when a friend persuaded me to visit a McTimoney Chiropractor, the results were transformative. After just a few sessions, I could move more freely and discomfort had largely subsided.

In 2006, I decided to embark on a career change so I could help others achieve the same results and the gentle, holistic nature of McTimoney is what most appealed to me about the technique. After almost 10 years in practice, I am still so happy to share this wonderful method and am inspired daily by the changes it can bring to so many common conditions and injuries.

I believe in an integrated approach to care, recognising interconnection of mind and body as well as knowledge that a connection to nature and the health of our planet is intrinsically linked to our own health and well-being. I use a combination of gentle chiropractic techniques, remedial massage and yoga therapy – guiding patients with gentle and specific movement, breathing and relaxation techniques. In addition, I teach two weekly yoga classes that are open to everybody. I have long relied on McTimoney Chiropractic and a regular yoga practice as well as time in nature to regulate my own physical and mental health, so feel privileged to share this with others.

Combining my skills as McTimoney Chiropractor and Yoga Teacher allows me to share my skills and empathy and help patients and students to cultivate a sense of confidence in their physical abilities and a calm mind. I am committed to personal development to enrich my experience and practice, regularly attending courses to update and increase my knowledge as a practitioner. I am currently working towards a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy certificate and have particular interest in current research to inform my clinical practice.

I gained a Diploma in massage and an Integrated Masters in Chiropractic from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in 2011 and have completed courses in various remedial massage techniques. I am a 500hr British Wheel of Yoga Diploma certified teacher, a 300hr Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs teacher and a Panacea Project, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Practitioner. I am a UK registered Chiropractor (GCC 03620), member of the McTimoney Chiropractic Association and The British Wheel of Yoga.

Sophie Fitton: Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Teacher

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of hands on healing. It works to create balance and harmony mentally, spiritually and in the physical body. Reiki is a beautiful gift to yourself, each session evokes relaxation, restoring balance and recharging yourself. It is a holistic way to relief stress and keep your body and mind in optimum health.

The beauty of Reiki is that it channels itself to where it is most needed in body. It works with the energy in your body to remove physical/emotional blockages and stimulate your body’s natural healing ability.

I did my Reiki training in 2012 and have wildly benefited having it as part of my life. It has fuelled me to follow a life that is dedicated to the wellness of myself and others. The body is our home, it is our sacred space that deserves to be nurtured and cherished. Reiki allows us to come home to the body, allows a deeper connection to our vessels to emerge; that’s why I am so excited to be offering this beautiful healing treatment from Nurture Saddleworth.

To book an appointment with me, Sophie or for more information either email us or call on 01457 321779


Jo Brierley: Certified Breathing Coach & Breath-Body-Mind (TM) Teacher

Founder of The Breathing Clinic, I have trained with some of the worlds leading
Breath Masters such as Dan Brule, Dr Patricia Gerbarg and Dr Richard Brown
form the USA, and I am currently specialising in the Buteyko Breathing Method
with Patrick McKeown.

I am passionate about empowering clients to become ambassadors of their own health and well-being by giving them the knowledge, understanding and tools to alleviate symptoms of stress, manage their ongoing daily stress triggers, dampen down anxiety and enable them to obtain quality sleep.
I deliver full breath assessments and breathing tests which allow me to identify dysfunctional breathing patterns. I teach science backed breathing protocols for stress & anxiety, relaxation; sleep, energy and focus, help identify how these can be incorporated into your personal daily lives.
I also address: how to breathe with a mask, the importance of breathing correctly 24/7,
especially in the current climate, which will in turn boost immunity, and personal sleep hygiene plans for improved, deep sleep.
My main focus is working one to one with clients in person or via zoom delivering a 4 week
breathing therapy course, alongside community & corporate workshops.
I also deliver Breathe. Balance. Be. classes for letting go of stress and encouraging deep relaxation, which
allows me to weave together my meditation and mindfulness training with the breath.

I believe that the key to health and well-being starts with the ability to balance your stress response system, and the breath is the key that unlocks this ability, for you to have a direct and controlled influence on your stress response. With the right breathing tools for you, as an individual, you can change your life for the better – so change your breath and change your life!

To book an appointment with Jo or for more information either email us or call on 01457 321779

Kath Bradley
Hypnotherapist and EFT Specialist

I have always found pleasure in helping others overcome their obstacles and challenges and professionally, this started when working with vulnerable women in refugee and domestic abuse helpline roles early on in my career. More recently, I have done so through practicing Hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy)

What I hadn’t realised is that during my many years working as a barber, listening and offering advice had become such a key part of my day to day life with customers; that time sat in the barbers chair would so often be a good chance for customers to talk openly and offload their worries.

Like many, my discovery of EFT and Hypnotherapy started through self-help. Following an illness, I turned to books and later courses to try to overcome anxiety and worry. In 2016 I qualified as an EFT practitioner, learning how to use the ancient tapping technique to help to release or reduce negative emotions.

Out of curiosity, later that year I a hypnotherapy session where the teacher hypnotised me and I felt such a great difference, I knew from that day I needed to learn how to do this for myself. After enrolling on a 12-month course that included lots of hands on practice, I qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2017.

Now I use an effective combination of both practices to help people many unwanted issues from addictions (such as smoking/vaping, chocolate, nail biting) to managing anxiety, phobias, confidence issues and more. Clients often find that taking the time to relax and unwind during a session is rejuvenating and it is often said that 20 minutes of hypnosis is as effective as 4 hours sleep.