MindfulWild is a community project, inspired by nature, for nature. It was conceived during Shelagh’s time volunteering with the RSPB at Dovestone, helping them and United Utilities increase biodiversity on the moorland and to improve its resilience to drought, flooding, fires and climate change.

It is our commitment to sharing our skills of teaching yoga and meditation and combining those with conservation activities to help nurture and preserve our local environment.

We are lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful and rarest landscapes in the British Isles but are increasingly aware that our moorlands, vital for carbon capture and havens for some rare wildlife, are in danger of damage from climate change. We have been most starkly reminded of this very real threat since a multitude of moor fires following high temperatures and drought during the summer of 2018 and our landscape continues to be at risk.

As evidence mounts for the benefits of yoga, meditation and engagement with the natural world for our physical and mental health, we believe the time is right for us to combine our own skills and love of our local landscape. To help engage our local community in accessing the benefits of mindful practices, whilst also caring for our environment.

MindfulWild is a collaborative project, currently a partnership with RSPB Dove Stone and we hope in time with other conservation projects and nature reserves large and small. We work together to provide inclusive yoga and meditation sessions in natural surroundings, coupled with conservation activities such as tree planting, wildflower planting and educational walks. These sessions allow our local community to access the benefits of these practices whilst engaging with the natural environment. It is our hope that in doing so, you will be encouraged to actively care for and help to protect it.

Have a browse of our regular MindfulWild Classes and Workshops – 10-100% of proceeds from all of these are donated to RSPB Dove Stone and/or other partners.

We hope in time that MindfulWild will become a national network of yoga teachers, nature reserves and conservation projects so that many others can also commit to preserving their local environments whilst benefiting from the proven physical and emotional effects of yoga, meditation and time in nature.

If you are a yoga teacher, nature reserve or a conservation project and would be interested to join the MindfulWild network, please get in touch using our Contact Form and we will do our best to match you to suitable partners in your local area.

lf you live locally and would like to find out more about volunteering opportunities to help protect and restore our own Saddleworth landscape, you can email our partners at RSPB Dove Stone at dovestone.rspb.org.uk 


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MindfulWild hatha yoga is back in the studio @nurturesaddleworth every Tuesday at 7pm with Shelagh. You can also join online from the comfort of home 😊

10% of profits to RSPB Dove Stone 💚🌍 book via link in Nurture bio....

Our bodies are the medium through which we experience the Earth. By placing ourselves in nature, we become nature.
Weather patterns and seasons help us to notice cycles of change, experience transitional stages as a part of life. Deepen our relationship to the rhythms of the natural world and to notice those same patterns and rhythms with us.
We are nature and nature is us. United. Connected. Whole.
We can use our practice to explore our own changing seasons. To notice our thoughts and our emotions and allow our practice to be an expression of those. An embodiment of our own internal landscape, an exploration that allows us to experience emotions completely and then to let go. Surrender.
Your only intention is to listen. Connect to your own cycles and seasons. Be guided by your breath and meet yourself exactly where you are in that moment ❤

#YogaForNature #NurtureSaddleworth #EarthInOurHands #BeTheChange #Mindfulness #Connection #BodyAndEarth

Join me every Tuesday at 6pm for MindfulWild Hatha Yoga live online 🌿
MindfulWild classes are all about cultivating a sense of connection to the natural world and recognising the incredible healing powers of nature for mind & body. The wonders of our beautiful planet blended with ancient yoga wisdom and classical hatha practice to encourage an intuitive yoga and mindfulness practice through the seasons. .
'You have two homes, your body and the earth - care for them both'
MindfulWild classes are inspired by nature, for nature and so 10% of all profits are donated to RSPB Dove Stone to help them continue important work increasing bio diversity and combating climate change! 💚🌍 All classes are £5 and you can book via the link in our @nurturesaddleworth bio 😊

#YogaForNature #Mindfulness #EarthInOurHands #StayHome #NurtureSaddleworth #RSPB

Excited to find a new surprise visitor on the trail cam this morning! 🦔💚
#NatureHeals #WildlifeGardening #NatureSpy

Who else has managed to transfer their yoga practice to their gardens? Making the most of practicing outside while nature is blossoming & the sun is shining 🌿 ...

WORKSHOP Announcement!! 🌍💚🌿
The Hare & The Tortoise - Mountain Hares & Meditation at Dove Stone! 🧘‍♂️🐇🐢 .
Join Shelagh from @nurturesaddleworth at RSPB Dove Stone on 29th March from 3-5pm for a slow amble up the hill to where our beautiful mountain hares hang out in their snow-white winter coats 🐰 We'll be joined by James from the RSPB who'll impart some of his vast knowledge whilst we can all look closely at these rare beauties through binos and a telescope! Our last chance this year to see them up close and personal before they begin to lose their winter coats and return to higher ground 🏔 .
In case we don't walk slowly enough up the hill, when the hares depart we'll take some time in slow motion for a mindful meditation amongst the boulders in this wild and beautiful landscape on our doorstep! Food for the soul ❤ .
£15 (£12.50 for RSPB members) with 50% donation to RSPB Dove Stone! Message for more info and to reserve your space 😊 Only 10 spaces available to minimise our impact and care for the earth 💚🌍
#Mindfulness #NatureHeals #WildLife #SlowMoSunday #RSPB

Join me (Shelagh) at 6.15pm this evening (and every Tuesday) @nurturesaddleworth for MindfulWild Hatha Yoga.
Tonight's class is dedicated to exploring each of our five senses through intuitive, mindful movement and meditation. A whole hour for you to connect to the Earth without the need to step foot outside!
One of the most fascinating things us humans have discovered in recent years is that we only need to imagine, to visualise ourselves in a natural environment to benefit from its healing power! We will take practice outside sometimes but MindfulWild is for everyone to take small steps into nature 💚🌎🌿🧘‍♂‍
@themindfulwildproject reminds us to cultivate a deep sense of connection to nature, of all the incredible healing properties it provides for our mind & body if only we spend the time getting to know it intimately. The easiest and most valuable way we have to do this is through each of our five senses.
Despite having all these wonderful ways to perceive the world, we don't always use them fully and so can often miss the beauty that nature provides for free. When we are stressed, under pressure from busy lives, we can sometimes numb our senses to reduce stimulation. We tend to live inside our heads rather than fully experiencing what is around us and this can influence the way we live our lives - the way we think and feel. So our first step is to notice - to consciously and mindfully engage with our surroundings.
10% of proceeds of MindfulWild classes are donated to RSPB Dove Stone 🌎
Message to book 😊
#YogaForNature #Mindfulness #EarthInOurHands

Fantastic opportunity to see such beauty up close and personal at the bird ringing event at RSPB Dove Stone yesterday! Thanks so much for the invite and to @btobirds for such an inspiring and educational morning! Thanks also of course to all the lovely little birds who took part so patiently 💚🐦🌍
#NatureHeals #Mindfulness #EarthInOurHands #LetNatureSing

Movement is medicine. Nature is healing. Therefore bringing these two beautiful practices together is going to have a powerful effect.
Can you allow yourself to get lost in movement outside in nature? Feel the wind as it runs over your finger tips, hear the sweet sound of the river as she runs beside you. Get lost in mother nature and all of her beauty 🌿


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Beautiful 💛
Ode to Autumn: Nature Walk & Candlelit Yoga - 4-7pm Sunday 4th October🍂🧘‍♂️🕯

Join Shelagh for a blissful end to your weekend with a beautiful walk at golden hour in the glorious Saddleworth countryside, followed by sweet treats and chai at Nurture and a slow & gentle, nature inspired yoga practice by candlelight! We will meet at the studio and take a leisurely walk to take in all the beauty of Autumn. There are brambles along the way so with a bit of luck, we can forage for blackberries if the birds dont get there first! Well amble back to the studio to warm up and relax before settling for a soothing, restful yoga practice to finish.
Suitable for everyone, only 8 spaces available to minimise impact and care for the Earth 🙂 💚🌍

Early bird £25 before 20th September or £30 after!
10% donation to RSPB Dove Stone 

Visit the Events tab at https://www.magnapass.co.uk/partner/nurture-yoga-therapy-centre to book 💛

#YogaForNature #NatureHeals #Mindfulness
Cute overload 😍
Love this! Thats a key worker right there 💛
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No Single-Use Plastic Policy

Here at Nurture, as we believe so strongly that we all have a responsibility to contribute to preservation of our beautiful planet, we have a no single use plastic policy in place.

To help support this, we respectfully ask that you only bring re-usable drinking cups and bottles to classes and appointments.

Fresh drinking water as well as glasses are provided in reception and you are always very welcome to help yourself. In fact, we actively encourage it as staying hydrated is a very important part of maintaining your health and well-being.

Thank you for your cooperation and watch this space for some further incentives to help you and our planet stay plastic free and healthy!