How Nurture Saddleworth began..

Have you ever wondered how your favourite yoga & therapy centre in Saddleworth was born? Well, I am here to tell you the tale.

As many of you already know, I (Sophie) have been teaching yoga in and around the Saddleworth area for quite sometime now and can you guess who one of my amazing students was? Yes that’s right, Shelagh.

Shelagh started coming to my yoga classes over one year ago when she made the move up to this beautiful place we call home, Saddleworth. One of the most wonderful things about the industry we work in is that very quickly a deep connection is made, students become friends and in this case friends became business partners.

It has been a dream of mine and Shelagh’s to open a space where people feel at home, where deep connections are created, where creativity & passion thrives, where nature is appreciated and cared for and where a community is built. The visions of our studio were perfectly in line, synchronized – our dreams matched beautifully and because of this Nurture was born.

From the first initial idea of Nurture, to us opening our doors for the first time (a day after my 25th birthday) it took us a total of 8 months of hard work, I wont bore you with every little detail, but it involved many trips to B&Q for MANY tins of paint! A running theme through the whole of our journey is the overwhelming support and kindness we have received every step of the way from friends, family, students, patients and even strangers. Every person wanted to see us thrive and its clear that without the constant support and help from all of these people; Nuture would not be what it is today. From day one, the bond of community has been inspiring and this is something that only grows stronger every single day.

Every time I step through the doors at Nurture Saddleworth, every time I teach a yoga class, every moment I have the chance to connect with a student and get to give Shelagh a big loving hug, I am overwhelmed by gratitude. I feel this deep sense of gratitude rise from my toes all the way to the crown of my head, it fills and flows through my body like water and I think how lucky am I to be able to share a practice I love so much, in a space I love so much, with people I love so much. I thankyou from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this dream.

I invite you to ask yourself, in this exact moment, what are you grateful for? No matter what hardships or however rocky the path of life might seem right now, just pause for a moment and think of something that you really cherish in your life, something that gives you that deep warm feeling in your belly. If it’s a person, tell them how grateful you are for them, show them you love them. Just allow yourself to stop and be grateful.  (we ask you to sit with your emotion and ask how you are feeling and know we are here to support you)

A rather large uphill struggle emerged on Nurtures path (along with so many other businesses) that on Tuesday the 17th of March 2020 we took the extremely difficult decision to suspend all yoga classes, workshops and therapy appointments in the studio due to the corona virus and it honestly felt like one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make. Our hearts felt heavy and there was been many, many tears shed that week, but that is okay, its okay to be emotional open and vulnerable, its okay to admit that we were scared, we are all just muddling through it together. But with the power of community and love we will moved though it together and we now we are soooo excited to have the studio back open and once again be here to provide all your yoga, chiro and reiki needs in a Covid safe space!

Through the difficult time of temporally closing Nurture Saddleworth due to Covid 19 we had chance to expand our business and take our yoga classes online. This was something we never imagined doing but was so incredibly beautiful to be able to connect with our Nurture family via the online world, whilst we were unable to give face to face classes and treatments. This is still a part of our business as we now stream all of our in studio classes live so you can practice with us from the comfort of your home when you cannot make it into the studio.

If you would like to come and practise yoga with us go to our class schedule page or if you would like to book an appointment go to

Shealgh is not just my business partner, she has become part of my family, a sister, a best friend. When you come into Nurture Saddleworth you are not just at another yoga & therapy centre, you are in a place you can call home and a place you can keep deep in your heart. Thank-you for the continual support, both myself and Shelagh send you all the love in the world.

We are excited to see how Nurture evolves with us all, thank-you for being a part of the ride and if you want to be apart of all things Nurture join us on Facebook and Instagram.

The Nurture Girls